Consultation / Installation


Getting to know as much as we can about your site security requirements forms the basis of our professional consultation process. There is simply no better way of assessing your needs than to arrange a face-to-face meeting onsite, allowing us to fully appreciate the security challenges you face every day, right where you face them.

We know that security matters and we believe that by working closely with you, we can help you to realize the peace of mind that one of our professionally designed security solutions provides.

We have developed a four stage consultation process to allow us to design systems and services tailored to meet your expectations both now and into the future. The four step process is:

1 Site Visit (Solution Based Consulting)

One of our professional business development managers or engineers arranges to visit you to gain an understanding of the challenges you face, both onsite and within the wider social area/environment. We will determining the correct line-of-sight for your camera? GoVerified Security Solutions engineers will help you by creating the optimal Area of View (AOV) and Field of View (FOV) for your camera. See what the shot will look like before installation and guarantee the best possible placement to deliver the highest quality images on your camera. We provide detailed site plan pinpoints camera placement.

Site Visit (Solution Based Consulting)

2 Risk Assessment

Safety is paramount for all our installations to ensure that our installation engineers remain safe and comply with site and industry legislation at all times. To do this, we provide a highly detailed risk assessment designed to ensure that each and every installation is completed safely and without incident.

Risk Assessment

3 Specification

Working with you we develop a unique system specification designed to provide you with the optimal security solution for your site, taking into consideration all that we have learnt from meeting with you and visiting your site. This specification will be used to develop our fully detailed proposal.


4 Proposal

The culmination of our consultation process, the proposal describes in detail the entire system and service range we have proposed to meet your site security needs. It includes detailed equipment specification, service provision options, site plan and detailed cost breakdown.



We employ our own teams of highly skilled and qualified professional engineers who are always available to ensure that we can respond to your CCTV equipment installation and service needs at all times. We ensure that all our engineers are trained, qualified and fully understand all aspects of CCTV system installation and service ensuring that we are able to install and service your security systems to the highest possible standards.



Utilising state-of–the-art, high resolution 1080p / HD cameras, the IP rated products can handle any harsh environment and are offered in PTZ (360 degree) dome camera and static 1080p/HD versions. The cameras are housed in a secure high quality professional equipment cabinet and once installed allow for the ability of detecting and reacting to intruders.



Our Solar Site Security System represents the very latest evolution in our stand alone systems. Designed to be used on construction sites without access to mains power, generators or equipment cabins, Solar-Guard can be installed quickly and cost-effectively to ensure your site is protected to the highest levels.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Some construction sites are required to shut down generators at night or over weekend (e.g. for environmental or residential reasons) often leaving them vulnerable to theft and vandalism. To combat this, our R&D team developed a stand-alone battery back-up solution.

Designed to utilise the site generator to charge throughout the day, the system provides full site security system support during the night and over the weekend period, thus ensuring that your surveillance solution remains active and your site is secure.

Battery Systems

Battery Systems

Where mains power is unavailable and wired detection is not an option, our Battery System offers sites a complete site security system. Once fitted, the system will send a video clip directly to our monitoring station for immediate review and action. The system includes a digital camera, infrared motion detector and it allows for two-way communication with our control panel.