Live and Remote Video Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring involves trained security operators who monitor multiple video cameras in real time. Video analytics software found within the camera can target people, and vehicles in a given area. Alerts are then sent to the operators automatically once a parameter is breached.

Unlike passive monitoring, where video recordings are reviewed after a crime has happened, live video monitoring involves watching the videos in real-time. This security approach is proactive and event-driven, giving the monitoring professionals the ability to respond to the intrusion immediately after it occurs.

Remote/Live Concerige

GoVeriified Security Solutions uses remote video monitoring to ensure that your property is safe, supervised and secure 365 days per year 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finding the right security solution to fit your needs can be a challenge. Security threats are diverse and constantly changing, and the need to control costs has never been more pressing. At GoVeriified Security Solutions, we have decades of experience in delivering comprehensive security solutions that integrate technology with physical security to protect people and property and produce a return on investment.

Remote/Live Concerige
When is Remote Concierge Appropriate

When is Remote Concierge Appropriate?

Your building is looking to more cost effective way to manage resources and reduce expenses while maintaining the highest level of security and service.

Your building has only partial security coverage and/or has experienced issues when the building is unattended.

Your building is too large or too complex for cost-effective security personnel coverage, and an integrated solution is needed to manage your security.

Remote Concierge uses state-of-the-art technology to complement on-site security personnel at a fraction of the cost. Our full package of integrated technology services enhances your security profile while effectively managing your building