Water Leak Detection

Flood Detection

GoVeriified Secure Solutions Monitoring Flood Detection System. Any time water flow is detected during monitoring hours, GoVeriified Security Solutions will be alerted immediately of the leak and take appropriate steps to notify customers or emergency personnel.

Water Hero is the ultimate water monitoring and automatic shut-off system that instantly detects any irregular usage in real time. Easily installed by a local plumber in under an hour, Water Hero is a small device that’s connected directly into your home piping system. It’s completely user configurable over the internet, enabling you to monitor and turn the water on and off anywhere, anytime using your smartphone.

Water Hero detects hidden leaks and prevents catastrophic water damage from broken or frozen pipes. By installing Water Hero in your home, you can save thousands each year on insurance and utilities by avoiding water waste.

The unit can detect anything from pipe bursts to small leaks that could cause significant damage if not caught early. Besides floods, the GoVeriified Secure Solutions Flood Detection System also monitors temperatures in and around the main water meter and alerts GoVeriified Secure Solutions anytime pipes are at risk of freezing. The unit only requires AC power and WIFI to operate and has an internal battery backup and wireless communicator.