VeriifiedI Wireless Sensor

VeriifiedI Remote sensors allow you to monitor potential risk such as: Water, CO and H25 levels, Temperature & Humidity, Vibration, current, Voltage, Light Meter and Dust.

Wireless Humidity Sensors

The VeriifiedI Wireless Humidity (RH) Sensors allows you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

The VeriifiedI Wireless Temperature measures the ambient thermal conditions to your environment. These sensors accurately monitor temperature changes in your physical locations.

Wireless Propane Tank Monitor

The VeriifiedI Wireless Propane Thank Level Monitor allows a user to remotely monitor the level of a propane.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensors

The VeriifiedI Wireless Carbon (CO) sensor allows you to monitor the level of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the surrounding air.

Rhino Water Sensor

Spring Leak? This remote monitoring solution instantly alerts you. Step in & defend facilities from damage by weather or plumbing & equipment failure. Senor also detects non-presence of water.

Rhino Water Rope

The Rhino Water Rope Wireless Rope Sensor detects water leaks or spills along its conductive rope. Install anywhere water can ruin assets or endanger people. Eg. Elevator shaft, foundation, mechanical rooms and high traffic areas.

Along with 47 additional sensors for environmental, power and motion. All viewable in real time from our App or desktop application.