Mobile Guard and Mobile Temperature Guard

Mobile Unit

Mobile Guard

Grid power not available? Not a problem! The Remote Solar Powered Surveillance Kit makes wireless surveillance truly wireless. A GoVeriified mobile Guard provides everything needed to take your next security installation off-grid except the cameras!

Advanced electronic equipment is housed in a sturdy, weatherproof aluminum enclosure that mounts securely to nearly any pole or wall. Let our experienced team help plan your next outdoor camera installation, contact us today!

An entire Access Control system in Toronto can be simply controlled through computer-based software that is remotely accessible and fully integrated with an alarm system. The data can be stored for weeks.

Access control often utilizes proximity cards and card readers instead of the traditional locks and keys. An access control system using proximity key tags allows for electronic tracking and more efficient access. Access control can also include physical barriers, such as those you see in subways.

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Mobile Temperature Guard

Mobile Temperature Guard ( Covid-19 Temperature Screening)

GoVeriified Secure Solutions Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) provides fast, accurate screening for elevated temperatures.

The scanner will sound an alarm when it encounters an elevated temperature level. Even though a slightly increased temperature does not necessarily mean that a person has COVID-19 and, indeed, not having a temperature is not an indication that someone does not have the illness, it does provide a data point that could help companies screen employees for the virus.

Our Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) is a quick and effective artificial intelligence (AI) based system for screening and detecting individuals with elevated temperature in a crowd.


  1. Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) enables the user to identify individuals with a possible fever, efficiently and effectively, without making direct body contact, minimizing the risk of infectious disease cross-contamination.

  2. Instantly Identify with Alert Signal When Triggers

  3. Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) is designed for minimal but yet effective, signaling the operational personnel when in need to react.

  4. Snapshot function of thermal image-Capture automatically (or manually) when an individual’s temperature reaches and/or goes above the input threshold.

  5. Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) detects an individual with high or abnormal temperatures, it will be captured on the screen. An alert will be triggered discreetly to notify the authority and bring the potential infected individual for further medical examination.


Please note

  • Go Veriified Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) is not a medical device and is not intended for any diagnosis or clinical measurements.
  • Go Veriified Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) is only to be used to perform a preliminary scan.
  • Go Veriified Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG)provides only the forehead skin temperature.
  • Go Veriified Mobile Temperature Guard (MTG) can not detect internal core temperature, however it does present a reference level.
Business Access Control Toronto – Proximity Cards & Card Readers

Proximity cards allow entrance to restricted areas through a contactless wave of their key tag over a proximity business access card reader as opposed to sliding a key card through a card reader. Proximity cards are a form of access control designed as a more modern take on the traditional key and key tag or lock. By installing a proximity card, system users are able to replace any keys with one small plastic proximity card that is approximately the size of a credit card. This allows access to only certain people. Proximity cards have become popular for many residential and commercial buildings with key tags common to entrances as a means to provide added security. All of Verrified Security Solutions Key Tags and proximity cards can be linked up with Verrified Security Solutions alarm systems. Cost-effective way to replace security guards at compound entry/exit points.

Access Control
Gate Solutions
Gate Solutions

A challenge for any transportation and logistics hub is the management of its own personel and cargo drivers. Our enterprise gate access control can track movement in and around your facility.

  • Driver verification and validation upon entering he gate.
  • Time stamped footage is stored and can be easily accessed for reports and site checks.

Remote acess and gate control solutions can work in conjuction with Veriified Security Solutions video monitoring team to help deal with situations regarding site access in real time as well as with our video review team to aid in investigations with unauthorized activity, site accidents or missing property.